How to locate the best caterer for your party

How to locate the best caterer for your party


The key to a successful event is having superb catering service. If needing a cater Athens GA, then give Epting a call. Most of the people who attend events go for the food. The catering done in your event can make or spoil your reputation. .No matter how big or small your event is your guests deserve the best. Getting the best caterer can be confusing for first timers but there is hope. Below are a few tips that will help you locate the best caterer.


1. Narrow down the options

If you are a first timer your will need to get recommendations from family friends and business associates. You will also have to check online reviews to downsize your list. If you are having the event at a specific venue talk to the management and find out the caterers they have worked with in the past. Their experience can act as a guide.


2. Tour their kitchen

Before you decide on the caterer for your party make it a point to visit their kitchen. Note the professionalism of the staff and the cleanliness of their operation area. An unruly and dirty kitchen simply shows that the catering staff is not keen on their job so remove it from your list.


3. Menu choices

As you consider the menu options also review the caterers specialities.You need a service that matches your needs. Take for instance you need a caterer that does Indian dishes and the one you visit is better versed in Mexican food. You will not able to gauge their skill just their experience. Discuss a variety of meal options with the prospective caterer. Ensure you also find out if the caterer can accommodate dietary restrictions of some of your guests. As you settle for a menu it is important for you to have a meal tasting before the meal is presented to your guests. This allows you to know how talented the caterer is.


4 Availability of Staff

You need a caterer that has enough staff to handle your guests. The staff you need depends on the nature and size of your event. If you have a buffet type of party you will need a few servers and few people to restock or clear dishes. In case it is a sit down meal one server can handle table of six to eight guest while extra servers can serve drinks. In addition you will need someone in charge of service whose role is to supervise and ensure that things go well.

As you pick a caterer remember the service offered by the caterers will somehow reflect on your character as a host. Ensure you choose the best that you can afford and your event will be the talk of town for days.